Graduates & Theses

PhD | MPhil


陳健榮 CHAN Kin Wing Kevin
Coordinating Conjunctions in Sinitic Languages and Beyond: Towards a New Typology
摘要 Abstract


周穎異 ZHOU Yingyi
The Tonal Typology and Evolution of Northern Gan: A Case Study of Xiushui
摘要 Abstract


李德超 LI Dechao
The Historical Evolution of Chinese Tones and Their Splitting and Merger in Contemporary Dialects: The Interaction between Phonation, Duration and Pitch
摘要 Abstract

林晴 LIN Qing
The Diachrony of Tone Sandhi: Evidence from Southern Min Chinese
摘要 Abstract

張靜芬 ZHANG Jingfen
Tonal Patterns and Tone Evolution in Chaoshan Chinese
摘要 Abstract


沈瑞清 SHEN Ruiqing
Tonal Variation: A Quantitative Study of Jianyang Min Chinese
摘要 Abstract

張瑩 ZHANG Ying
A Typological Approach to Multifunctional Adverbs in Chinese
摘要 Abstract


范曉蕾 FAN Xiaolei
Tense, Aspect and Modality in Chinese: A Typological Study
摘要 Abstract

焦磊 JIAO Lei
A Parametric Study of Diphthongs in Chinese Dialects
摘要 Abstract

王彩豫 WANG Caiyu
Multi-register Tone systems and Their Evolution on the Jianghan Plain
摘要 Abstract


洪英 HONG Ying
A Phonetic Study of Chaozhou Chinese
摘要 Abstract

林文芳 LAM Man Fong
A Phonetic Study of Tones and Vowels in Fuqing Chinese
摘要 Abstract

李予湘 LI Yuxiang
Serial Verb Constructions in Late Archaic Chinese
摘要 Abstract


冒晟 MAO Sheng
A Functional Approach to Conditionals in Peking Mandarin
摘要 Abstract


嚴至誠 YIM Chi Sing
A Phonetic Study of Syllabic Constituents in Hong Kong Cantonese
摘要 Abstract


鄭紹基 CHENG Siu Kei
An Optimality Theoretical Account of Contemporary Cantonese Rhyming Based on Inferential Statistics
摘要 Abstract

寸熙 CUN Xi
A Phonetic Study on Implosives in China
摘要 Abstract


朱琳 ZHU Lin
Ergative Constructions in Mandarin
摘要 Abstract


孫志陽 SUN Zhiyang
The Lexical Causative in the Zuozhuan
摘要 Abstract

張軍 ZHANG Jun
A Phonological Study of the Tujia Language
摘要 Abstract


歐陽偉豪 AU YEUNG Wai Hoo
An Interface Program for Parameterization of Classifiers in Chinese
摘要 Abstract

潘秋平 PHUA Chiew Pheng
Dative Constructions and Their Extensions in Archaic Chinese: A Study of Form and Meaning
摘要 Abstract

姚玉敏 YIU Carine Yuk Man
Spatial Extension: Directional Verbs in Cantonese
摘要 Abstract

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