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陳贊濟 CHAN Tsan Tsai
The Cartography of Sentence-final Particles in Yue Chinese: Evidence from Comparative Analysis and Language Contact
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吉穎絲 KAT Wing Sze
An Acoustic Study of Syllabic Constituents and Their Interaction in Prosodic and Morphological Contexts in Liyang and Surrounding Wu Dialects
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黎奕葆 LAI Yik Po
Permissive Verbs in Hong Kong Cantonese: Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives
摘要 Abstract

梁廣 LIANG Guang
The Cultural Scripts of Five Apologetic Expressions of Japanese
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曾鈺宇 ZENG Yuyu
A Model with Four Parameters to Quantify Tonal Variation: A Case Study of Chongqing Dialect
摘要 Abstract


陳荔閩 CHEN Limin
Glottal Stop Production and Its Interaction with Tonal Evolution: A Case Study of Entering Tone Sound Change in Puxian Min
摘要 Abstract


劉瀟 LIU Xiao
A Phonetic Study of Siyi Tonal Systems
摘要 Abstract

沈瑞清 SHEN Ruiqing
Exploring Phonetic Properties of Northern Min: A case Study of Shibei
摘要 Abstract

王瑋 WANG Wei
The Semantic Map of Spatial Motion Domain
摘要 Abstract


朱元 CHOO Yuen
A Study of Ditransitive Verbs in Archaic Chinese
摘要 Abstract

范曉蕾 FAN Xiaolei
The Imperfective –ZHE in Northwestern Chinese Dialects: A Typological Study
摘要 Abstract

孫順 SUN Shun
The Mechanisms of Rising Tone (Shangsheng) Sandhi in Tongcheng Dialect
摘要 Abstract

王彩豫 WANG Caiyu
Tracing Dynamic Evolution from Cross-dialect Comparisons: A Case Study of Tonal Systems in Songzi Area
摘要 Abstract


陳健榮 CHAN Kin Wing Kevin
Coordinative Conjunctions in Chinese Dialects: A Typological Study
摘要 Abstract

譚雨田 TAN Yutian
The Diminutive Tone Change in Siyi Dialects
摘要 Abstract


洪英 HONG Ying
Phonation Types of the Entering Tone Syllables in Chaozhou Dialect
摘要 Abstract

焦磊 JIAO Lei
A Study of Vowel Normalization Methodologies
摘要 Abstract

張偲偲 ZHANG Caicai
A Phonetic Study of the Syllabic Constituents in Lengshuijiang Dialect
摘要 Abstract


陳桂蘭 CHAN Kwai Lan
The Sound Change of [ts, tsh, s] to [tʃ, tʃh, ʃ] in Hong Kong Cantonese
摘要 Abstract

甘文鋒 KAM Man Fung
An Experimental Study of Tones in Hong Kong Cantonese
摘要 Abstract

李德超 Li Dechao
The [+low] / [-low] Vowel Contrast in Old Chinese and Its Evolution to Middle Chinese: An Exploration on the Origin of the Inner / Outer Turning
摘要 Abstract

黃得森 WONG Tak Sum
On the Rhyming of Pre-Middle Chinese: A Statistical Study of the Verse in the Wèi-Jìn Period
摘要 Abstract


白正道 WHITEHEAD Douglas Fraser
Phonation Types and Speaker Variation in Ningbo Chinese
摘要 Abstract


焦妮娜 JIAO Nina
The Distribution and Origination of Structural Particles in the Jincheng Dialect – With Some Additional Thoughts on Their Distributive Pattern and Formation in Shanxi Dialects
摘要 Abstract

李秀娟 LI Xiujuan
The Dialectal Base of the Rhyme Book Zhongyuan Yinyun: Evidence from Modern Henan Reflexes of Middle Chinese Rusheng Words
摘要 Abstract

李予湘 LI Yuxiang
The Middle Constructions in Archaic Chinese
摘要 Abstract


冒晟 MAO Sheng
A Study of Colloquial Pekinese Modal Particles 'A', 'BA', 'MA' and 'NE'
摘要 Abstract


寸熙 CUN Xi
The Phonetic Characteristics of Implosives in Wuyang Dialect
摘要 Abstract


潘秋平 PHUA Chiew Pheng
Dating the Chapters in Guanzi: Evidence from Historical Linguistics Perspective
摘要 Abstract

張雪蘭 Zhang Xuelan
A Study of the Categories of the Zhao-Series Initials of Middle Chinese from the Perspective of the Northern Dialects
摘要 Abstract


姚玉敏YIU Yuk-man Carine
Cantonese Final Particles 'LEI', 'ZYU' and 'LAA': An Aspectual Study
摘要 Abstract

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